Emerg-A-Care FAQs

Who are our patients?
We are an urgent care and family practice seeing patients from newborns to older folks.  We treat all ages for infections and injuries.  Anything that we cannot treat at our facility is referred to the best available consults.  We save you a huge amount of time and money over the emergency room.

Appointments are not necessary!
You can walk into our facility anytime but if you can, appointments can save you some time.  Laboratory tests should be drawn before 1 PM to go out the same day.

Children are treated?
We have a very child friendly office and have expertise treating children for both preventive health care and illnesses.

How long will a visit take?
We work hard to see patients as soon as possible—many times with no wait at all.

Do you work with my doctor?
With your permission, we will communicate with your physician as necessary.

We accept BlueCross/BlueShield and First Choice of the MidWest.  If you have other insurance, you must pay at the time of service but we will give you the proper paperwork to submit the claim yourself.

Payment Methods
We accept major credit cards, cash, and local checks.